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It is an economic, efficient and dependable concrete reinforcement suitable for all major reinforced concrete constructions such as buildings, bridges, reservoirs, roads, irrigation and power structures, dock and harbour structures, foundations, piles, precast concrete etc. It has been used with most satisfactory results the world over, in all major reinforced concrete structures for decades, and in tens of millions of tones.

Advantages of CTD and TMT Steel bars over round bars:

•  Greater yield strength.
•  Greater bond strength.
•  Satisfactory fatigue strength.
•  Satisfactory bendability.
•  Satisfactory weldability.
•  Lesser crack.
•  Better factor of safety due to hyper resistance.
•  Suitable both as compression and tension reinforcement.


Mild Steel Wire Rod

We manufacture mild steel wire rod of 6 mm to 14 mm dia in following Carbon ranges:


Carbon %
Super L.C. Less than 0.10%
L.C. 0.10% TO 0.15%
Commercial 0.16% to 0.18%

Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel Wire Rod
We produce Stainless Steel wire rods in the series of 200, 300 and 400.

Wire rods are manufactured in 225 to 500 Kg compact coils. Our wire rods have close dimensional tolerance, ovalty and smooth surface finish. The Wire Rods are used in industries like fasteners, bi-cycle parts, wire drawing, nails and screw and other general engineering.
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